Walking among Stars

⇒⇒ Why the name Walking among Stars?

Because it recalls the delicious legend that says the Milky Way was formed by the dust raised by pilgrims who are heading to Santiago. And the numbers are impressive: there are thousands of hikers who pass the Camino every year and arrive at the Oficina del Peregrino in Santiago de Compostela.

Billions of stars formed from the walk of these very special beings, the pilgrims, wandering among stars!

In this article, I will address 4 points from my experience as a pilgrim in Compostela:

  1. Motivations for Pilgrimage
  2. My Camino and how I prepared for it
  3. You: what is the purpose of your path?
  4. Conclusion: my impressions of that special time in my life.

So, come on? Together?


What are the motivations that lead someone to Camino? Several reasons reside in the souls of those who decide to go on a walk to complete the long journey of the pilgrimage, towards Santiago de Compostela!

Basically, particular reasons arouse thousands of people to endure challenges very close to those faced by the first pilgrims, then guided by faith. Today, walkers are packed for reasons other than religious.

However, the common factor between the motivations of the beginnings of pilgrimages and those of today is called inner desire, the strong will that drives certain souls of pilgrims to go on a walk.

I was attentive, for a long time, to the inner impulses and they matured in me the decision for a pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago de Compostela!

The will won, I left!


I confess that I am happy to have decided to walk and be counted among the stars that rise in the form of dust on the Camino. I completed a journey that lived in my dreams: I left a sacred place in France and reached the “end of the earth” in Spain. Along the Camino, I harvested the result of days of effort, reflection, solitude and spirituality.

What did I collect for Camino?

  • Friendships and loneliness;
  • Sounds and silences;
  • Daydreams and insights;
  • Flavors and aromas;
  • Beautiful or arid nature;
  • Inner voids and moments of deep faith.

Countless perceptions that danced in the dust that rose on my Camino and rose in the form of stars!

This journey to Santiago de Compostela started on a warm European summer morning and ended after the 979 kilometers that lead from Lourdes, France, to Santiago de Compostela, Spain, for 37 days.

Each day, a new landscape to be discovered and that was presented in a diverse and multicolored way: rocky mountains or fragrant cornfields, vineyards and mown straw-colored fields in contrast to the clear blue of the sky. Sometimes hours and hours walking alone on rocky terrain and under scorching sun.

Waking up and going out when the day was still dark ensured the presence in the splendid spectacle of each sunrise, seeing one dawn more multicolored than the other! To arrive at the daily destination in the evening, then, was to enjoy the welcome of a hostel, bath, new people, deserved rest and good food. Meal, many times, prepared in a communal way, with people I had never seen before.


Trust me, it may be among your most cherished desires, to walk the Camino de Santiago de Compostela or another path:

  • Would you want to go through secular trails, appreciate the historic bridges that remain, Romanesque churches, architecture and different styles that show the mark of human creativity over time?
  • To imprint on the soul the beauty that one sees, the emotions that one feels, the personal reflections that one builds?
  • Experiencing the solitude and reflection that the path gives you, immersing yourself in the foundations of your spirituality?

What other reasons propel you further down a path? Ask yourself: what are they?

From my point of view, I tell you that doing the Camino de Santiago de Compostela can be more, much more than walking or challenging your physique: it can result in the strong internal experience that a true pilgrimage provides. And what you expect and desire!

A breath for the soul, a dip and a strength for spirituality.

It will also bring you knowledge of the mix of races, beliefs and life goals that make up this mass of hikers.


The reflections resulting from my Camino, as well as the look, the colors, the tones of the landscape, the flavors and perfumes of nature were recorded in my memory. Also recorded in the soul were the emotions born in the personal revisions that the lonely walk necessarily made happen.

I gathered these impressions generated in the daily life of the Camino and recorded them, with careful attention, in the diary of the pilgrimage. This diary became the book Caminhando entre Estrelas.

In the writing, I share with you the lessons, the fruits and the learning of Camino. I speak of training, care with physical preparation, luggage items and preparatory readings, also described. Everything from the itinerary to the harvest of the final joys of the long journey.

It thought of sharing this experience that I edited the book. In it, I wrote what was in my heart in the day-to-day of the pilgrimage: my expectations, afflictions, joys, emotions, encounters with God …

I share this with you in an illustrated edition that you can learn more about by  Click Here

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