Necessary items for the hike

It is important that all the items needed for the long walk are in the backpack, so I have organized this list to help you organize your luggage.

Remember, only the essentials should be part of your backpack, no more, no less. More, it means carrying more than the recommended weight. Less, it may put you in difficulties at some stage of the walk. Here is a suggestion of basic items:

  • a boot one or two sizes larger than that used for shoes (to support thick socks);
  • crocs-type shoes (for use in hostels, baths, walks etc.);
  • a water-resistant nylon jacket to block rainwater and wind;
  • three short-sleeved dry fit shirts (which dry quickly after washing);
  • No change: a dry fit long sleeve T-shirt;
  • two shorts-trousers (also made of quick-drying material);
  • three pairs of thin socks (to absorb sweat);
  • three pairs of thick socks (to be worn over thin socks);
  • a legionary cap or hat;
  • a rain cover that covers the backpack as well;
  • a 42 liter backpack (with a vent on the back to allow ventilation);
  • a nylon cover for the backpack as extra protection against rain;
  • a small flashlight (best one that you use on your head to keep your hands free);
  • a canteen;
  • a sleeping bag;
  • a money belt;
  • a pair of sunglasses;
  • two super-absorbent bath towels;
  • two sports walking sticks (or a staff);
  • two resistant gaiters (to prevent rain water from entering the boot);
  • ten safety pins nº. 3 (always useful, including for hanging damp clothes in the backpack to dry in the sun while walking);
  • a 4 m nylon cord to use as a clothesline;
  • a pocket knife;
  • a nail clipper;
  • a makeup bag with a hook (to store important items and be able to be hung in the bathroom, so as not to leave such belongings in the room while taking a shower);
  • a package of rubber bands;
  • clothespins;
  • small bar of coconut soap;
  • medicines and hygiene products: complete list in the book.


Take good care of your feet during the days of your journey, of your boots and pay attention to other details, apparently unimportant, but that help you make the long walk with tranquility and without pain or annoyance.
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