"I go with an open mind. I have no special illusions, I hope. My hope is simply to enjoy the long journey, to take advantage of it, to learn, to change, perhaps to find something or someone to help me move forward in my own spiritual quest."

Thomas Merton

Necessary items for the hike

Preparing yourself well and carrying essential items in your backpack is the first step on a good path.

Walking among Stars

What motivations lead someone to the Camino de Santiago de Compostela? How do they prepare, what are they looking for?

“What does it really matter in life? What should I really do in this brief time that is set for me? What do I need to get out of my backpack - something that can be alluring and shiny, but unnecessary and ultimately, something that distracts? How can I rediscover and resume my pilgrim identity, our universal homo viator identity? ”

Dom Bernardo Bonowitz, OCSO

"There are places in the world where our arrival - or our departure - is mysteriously accompanied by an emotion multiplied by that of all the visitors who preceded us ... ... At the entrance to the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, it stands on the portico , a marble column where millions of hands, including mine, left deep fingerprints, an emotional, expressionist mark. "

Cees Nooteboom